Baird T. Spalding

(: 1857   

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"(" entering physical body on earth; so called Birth.

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")" departing physical body on earth; so called Death.

Author:  Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East

An introduction and exploration into Life itself demonstrating what one can expect when following the simple, natural laws of creation.

A few names you may recognize that Baird T. Spalding, III was reported to have had contact with:
Charles Proteus Steinmetz, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla (see photo below).


Baird T. Spalding, III

Baird Spalding was born in England and Moved to India at age four.
Baird T. Spalding (Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity) and Mother Theresa (Catholic/Christianity), both from very different religious backgrounds and belief groups shared the same concept about Spirit/God/Lord/Christ/Divinity:
""I see the Christ in every face and in every form. When the first child was born, the Christ was born." -- Spalding
"I see God in every human being. When I wash the leper's wounds, I feel I am nursing the Lord Himself. Is it not a beautiful experience?" --Mother Theresa

Baird T. Spalding was known to be a kind, generous, simple man intent on living a simple life without many of the frills of the time. He kept himself busy, traveled extensively (sleeping only 3-4 hours a night) and would travel across country just to do a favor. He was a research mining engineering, which seemed to be the reason for his wealth.   Mr. Spalding would give (not loan) money to those in need.

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Immortals Eternal Youth Universal Force Silence Temple Healing Temple

Immortals - Some of the people we meet and their background and appearance:

  • We meet an unnamed man, who had lived about one thousand years upon the earth, but had perfected his being about two thousand years ago, he could take his physical body with him wherever he went, retained the appearance and energy of youth.

  • Another man who lived on the earth for more than seven hundred years and whose physical form appeared not more than forty years of age.

  • We meet Emil, living over five hundred years and appeared to be around forty.

  • Emil's mother who was over seven hundred years old and living on earth for six hundred appeared in every way to be around twenty.

  • Jast who was forty and appeared to be forty.

  • A son appearing to be about thirty but who turned out to be one hundred fifteen.

  • A daughter appearing to be twenty but who turned out to be one hundred twenty-eight.

Eternal Youth - Description and Instructions.

According to Spalding's accounts there exists in nature, "no natural law of death or decay for man, except through accident."  Making death itself an accident and something that is avoidable.  Spalding was one of the first to decode our language by explaining that dis-ease as being without ease; i.e., peace or Shanti.  Senility, a rather common experience to man,  is but an expression of ignorance to cause and effect.  Through proper mental attitude, Spalding seems to be saying that accidents are absolutely, permanently avoidable.  According to Siddha, "The tone of the body may be so preserved that it may naturally resist with ease infections and other disease, like plague and influenza."  Siddha being able to swallow germs and never reap the detriment of them.  (also see Trailanga Swami, who lived in the physical body to be at least 280 [human experience] years of age).  Spalding goes on to say that "youth is God's seed of love planted in the human form divine."  Making divinity the expression of youth in man. Divinity expresses beauty, harmony, love, etc. Age [in current, common human terms and expression], being the opposite of the youthful expression of divinity; i.e., decay, distortion of the original.  The appearance of old age being created by such thought as fear, pain and grief.

Spalding tells us to practice a visualization prior to sleep of the Divine Child within in order to obtain the child consciousness.  One might affirm that there is a joy-body, ever youthful and beautiful within with glowing features and a spiritual mind which is the perfect out-picturing of the Divine. (In Spalding's book a definate visualization and affirmation is given and instructed to do both upon retiring and awakening by speaking to oneself of the Divine Alchemist within).  The result being an unfoldment of the Spirit and a transmutation.

Universal Force - A force that all are able to contact.

Spalding tells of being at a meeting when one in his party asked Emil where the heat was coming from since a stove was not in the room.  As everyone began to look around to discover the source of the heat, Emil explained that the heat was coming from a force much advanced of what was currently being used on earth to power mechanics.  Emil explained that this force was easily contacted and would furnish heat, transportation (without the use of any sort of fuel), light, power appliances and equipment without costing anything.  A free gift to us all.  Emil called this source of power "Universal Force," "Universal Power," "God Power," "supplied by the Father" for all of us and described it as perpetual motion.

In answer to an inquiry about the food preparation, Emil described it as having arrived prepared and it had arrived from the Universal.

The Silence Temple, The Temple Not Made by Hands

Spalding and his group were escorted  by the Masters to a village where in The Silence Temple; the Temple Not Made by Hands; the Place of Power resides.  He described the Temple as being of white marble, very beautiful, six-thousand years old and self sustaining.

Spalding writes of Emil's explanation of silence as power; the one-power, being God.  "Be still and know that I am God." Silence = concentrated power; centering or drawing to center.  Noise = diffused power; the without.

Healing Temple

In Spalding's visit to a village he and his group found themselves at a Healing Temple where only world of Love, Peace and Life were expressed since it conception.  Because of  this, the vibrations were so pure and resonated healing to all who would pass through.  Most were healed instantly.

We were told to use this Temple as an illustration of our human experience; in such, that if we send out only words and thoughts of Love, Peace and Life, disharmony would be no more.

The group, tried an experiment to speak words of disharmony.  The words would not sound out.


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